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Gravy For The Brain (GFTB) is a voiceover education platform and community with on-going support from industry professionals. In the last ten days, I analyzed their mobile website on the iPhone X and optimized it.

If you don’t want to read it, here’s the screenshot of the original page and here’s my complete revision of their copy and design. Also, make sure you click here to check the archive with past episodes.

I’m part of the GFTB community but during the analysis, I imagined to be (fictitious) Rick who doesn’t the company but is interested in voiceover.

Here’s the original „above the fold“ section, my revised version, and my thought process while I optimized it.

Before — The original „above the fold“ section

The original „above the fold“ section - click to enlarge and for more details

How I optimized the „above the fold“ section

I applied the basic 3+1 formula for minimum viable websites:

  1. Killer headline

  2. Bullets with benefits

  3. Sales video + Call-to-action button

If too many websites use a similar claim, the market starts to ignore it. To prevent that, I enlarged the headline based on Eugene Schwartz’s „Second Stage of Sophistication“ from…

Become A Better Voiceover Artist


Join 42,203 Talents to Become a Better Voiceover Artist

Then I added five bullets that explain why GFTB is the right choice. I didn’t choose four or six points because of the „Rule of Odds“. [1]

The call-to-action is closing the sale, and it’s not detached from the storyline. Instead of…

Join Gravy For The Brain Now

…I wrote…

Click Here To Join Us

The story began with „42,203 Talents“, evolved with the bullet points, it ended with the ask to join them.

But there’s no story from „Become a Better Voiceover Artist“ to „Join Gravy For The Brain Now“. They don’t connect.

Now there is. Beginning, middle, end. Easy.

I broke the 3+1 formula a little because the call-to-action button was followed by the video. That’s ok in this case because it’s not exactly a sales video but more of an overview of how a month at GFTB looks like.

You can still consider the video a sales extension or „tail sale“ because I surrounded it with copy that frames the video and integrates into the sales story.

After — My revised „above the fold“ section

The revised „above the fold“ section - click to enlarge and for more details

Did Rick sign up for Gravy For The Brain?

It depends.

The content is great. Good testimonials, interesting teasers of their courses, and a lot of stuff packed into the membership.

Leaving aside the discount that mobile visitors don’t see, it would be 49 EUR a month (~600 EUR/year). But considering that Gravy provides on-going support from industry professionals, regular webinars, and updated knowledge, it’s worth it.

However, Rick is still new to the voiceover world. He would not sign up right away. But, if Gravy provided a 30-day free trial or a money-back guarantee, he would change his mind. A community like Gravy For The Brain needs to be experienced to understand its value.

So, will you (Gravy For The Brain) offer a 30-day trial period for Rick?


During the last ten days, I spent 36+ hours with the website. I analyzed, edited, re-designing, and optimized. This became overwhelming at some point and I anticipated that. So, I originally made a deal with myself that I will always stick to these basic questions:

  1. What is the product?

  2. How does it work?

  3. Why should you buy it?

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Which website would you like me to analyze and optimize for you next?

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  1. ZURB: Rule Of Odds