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Upgrade my sales copy

Hi, it’s Alex. I’m an artist, voiceover friend, and copywriter.

Here at Copywriting Examples, I’m giving voiceover professionals and voiceover-related service providers a hand to improve their online sales texts. You learn from real-world case studies and bits of wisdom that I publish (at least) once a week.

Some love 💖…

What people said about my website analyses and copywriting & design optimization

Hugh Edwards (co-founder of Gravy For The Brain):

Source: GFTB forum

Leonor Lemée (founder of

Source: Twitter

Other folks and friends from the non-voiceover world also benefitted from my analyses, for example:

Andreas Matschl (developer & sysadmin at

After receiving the landing page analysis (LPA) from Alex, I was astonished how many things we made wrong on our landing page. I immediately shared it with my colleagues, and we started to improve our website. The analysis was well structured, and it was easy for us to follow the steps and his thoughts. Thank you very much!

Crystal Camarao (Web designer at Estel):

Alex put so much effort into roasting my side project, Digitally Well. 😭 I used all the copy he suggested. I am forever grateful. 🙌🙌 He’s a really good copywriter.

Michael Lutonsky (from - where I’m hosting all my sites):

The analysis you presented is pretty overwhelming and very well structured! I immediately shared it with our team. They are also pretty stoked about what you produced! We love in particular all the alleys you explored, but abandoned. It gives the analysis much greater depth and makes it easy to follow your process.

Thank you so very much. It took us way too many years to get rid of our old 2010-looking site, onto a new, fancy version. Reading your feedback makes us very happy and is incredibly reassuring that - at least in the big picture - we did the right thing.

…and in response to the analysis of Uberspace, Clemens Prill said:

Mar Exposito (Spanish animater at living in Japan):

Thank you for your AMAZING landing page analysis. It is extremely useful to see how fresh eyes see it. Now I have a better understanding on what works and what doesn’t which is pretty contrary to what I thought!

I also worked with Mar on her December 2019 email campaign and she liked the result (even though she only has a small 3-figure email list):

When Alex emailed me, I was ready to "give up" on trying to get revenue to support the dearest project I worked for years. "Maybe it wasn't good enough yet". How wrong I was! After explaining about myself to Alex, he created the 10+ newsletters who would work as perfect campaign. Honestly, I am the fantasy comic/anime artist, but seeing Alex use my own words in a so much more convincing communication style was the real magic. How can he talk like me, but better, at the same time? No one (even my husband) noticed the texts weren't written by my. Not only I received more support (3 new patrons & 4 donations) but we improved my full strategy, I cleaned up and properly segmented my email lists, and the click rates improved by more than 50%. Oh, I got motivated to both find new people who'd sign up, post more online using some of his texts, and draw some extra content for my readers. The most important? I was able to further connect to my readers!!

Cory Miller (Founder of

This is such a great read and great feedback! Much of what I was hoping for is in there, which is good. [...] This is a great rundown and very fair, well done :)

Sam Shennan (Founder of SamShennan - Personalized Gift Artworks):

Woah, I just read all this and it knocked me off my seat. Thanks so much for being so honest and even giving me the feelings you had about different sections.

Hearing that emotional reaction you had to the prices made me cringe.

I’ll be tearing this apart first thing tomorrow and pulling in your advice.

Thanks so much!

Later, Sam added:

I went in and made all the changes you suggested to my sales page you analyzed.

I was blown away by how thorough you were with it man!

Without these people, it would not be the same, so thank you 🙏…

They help make your Copywriting Examples experience even better

Behind Copywriting Examples is, Alexander Kluge, the founder and my network of professionals, which are…

US-based copy editors: Jordan and Paul Aspen (Civilized Animal Productions) proofread and edit all the custom copy written for our English-speaking clients and their audiences.

I’m incredibly grateful to have these wonderful human beings on board!


German SEO specialist: Heiko Stammel, who has worked for Axel Springer, WeltN24, and SPIEGEL ONLINE, knows how to search-optimize large sites and is my go-to person for the latest in SEO, he knows what’s working (and what doesn’t).

My tax consultant Thomas Naumann who is very responsive, friendly, and helpful.

And, my digital assistants:

  • Basecamp: for project management, accountability, and getting things done

  • Calendly: for scheduling meetings and consulting sessions

  • Typeform: to make filling out questionnaires and contacting us more fun

  • Substack: Copywriting Example’s publishing platform of choice

  • Toggl: tracking every second to make sure it’s well-spent

(also thanks to my mum, dad, and brother 😍)


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